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About Us

Race Event Company that is all about serious racing with a nice fun twist. Our events are accurate and executed in a precise manner. But after the race, it is all about the party. We like to have fun, so our events will always include Adult Beverages, a band, or music and great food.

Our goal is to provide quality events at the lowest cost to runners. We want sponsors to foot the bill since they are not using their feet. You will not find lower cost events anywhere with the quality that we have, yes that is a challenge. Show me the event that is lower in cost to the runner that brings what we bring to you before during and after the race and we will find a way to incorporate what they are doing in our future events.

We are crazy. A large percentage of new runners are 35+. They start to run because something an event has happened in their lifes that make them want to make a change. We are here to support and nurture that change. Look for our events, they are usually excatly what you have been seeking.

Our Mission
To have fun at athletic events. And to engage small business to help athletes have more fun. This is a win-win-win situation. Athletes will have more fun and enter races that cost less. Those athletes will engage with those small business's that support their efforts. 

"Come for the race, stay for the Party!"

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